The Why

It has taken many years to establish the foundation of this company, years to research, understand, and learn the real reason why sustainable furniture is so important in the world today and is so important to all of the people here at Bolster that are creating these pieces.  The reason had to truly come from an authentic place to owner Kevin Wenzel.  The Why had to be real from the very start.

Bolster has been created to give earth conscious individuals, the ability to get what they truly want; well designed, soundly built, earth friendly furniture.  Pieces that are timeless, aesthetically pleasing, yet are so comfortable and luxurious that it is difficult to pull yourself off of.  The furniture we create here does not look or feel anything but luxurious.

Bolster is always striving to be a part of this important cause.


The world is now full of “Disposable” everything, including some furniture that is built of harmful materials that are typically thrown into our landfills within a 6 year period. These pieces are seemingly cheap to start with, saving people some dollars up front, but when you add up replacing these pieces every 5 to 6 or even 10 years the cost actually really inflates as compared to buying one amazing pieces of furniture that will last for generations. Well built furniture can also be recovered several times if needed, saving it from polluting our earth’s lands.

Bolster only uses materials in all of its pieces that are obtained with the highest standards of certification, with the lowest emissions and toxins possible, which helps reduce its impact on the earth on the initial build.  The pieces will last generations, which keeps it out of our landfills.  Then, years and years down the road, if the piece ever needs to be disposed of, it is biodegradable so it won’t sit contaminating our earth for centuries.

All great things!

We just really want to do our part because to us having a Green World is extremely important.

Our Most Eligible Pieces

Truly Sustainable

Designed by Kevin Wenzel himself, all of the furniture at Bolster is built as Eco-conscious as possible.  Whether you purchase one of our already created pieces that are ready to go, or you have us design a completely new custom piece, know that it will be built with love with only our hands.

We Design

We Design

We design and build custom soft furniture at Bolster Interiors.

Custom create with our set designs.

We have several sofa’s, sectional, chairs, ottomans, tables and beds that we have created, that are our standard pieces.  They can be found here on the site in the galley section.  For these pieces, you need to select the name of the style that you have fallen in love with, and then select one of hundreds of sustainable fabrics from the fabric gallery.  Submit this request on the form below, and we will get back to you within a 48 hour timeline with the complete price of the piece, as well as the estimated shipping cost.  After this you can confirm that you would like to go ahead with the order and we will proceed with obtaining a deposit from you to begin the construction. Custom pieces from this line will ship out in 6 weeks or less!

We will be continuing to add new pieces to our set design program.

Custom build a new design.

We can create any style, shape, or size of furniture you would like, with any type of wood or material you require. It will, of course, always be made as sustainable as possible.

Whether you have seen something previously that you have fallen in love with, you have an image of something you want, you have a sketch of an idea, or you would like to have us completely design a unique piece(s) for your space, Bolster can do that for you.

Simply send us the photo, design, picture of your space, or a complete floor plan, and we can start the process.

We also do on-site measuring and full interior consultations, in your home if it is necessary.

Naturally, we do charge for design time, but if the pieces that are designed by our team are also then ordered through our company, we discount the design time by 50% upon purchase.

As the client you have three choices in selecting the fabrics to go on your pieces:

A)  You can select any of the materials that we have here on the website (fabric samples coming soon – please inquire to order).

B)  We can help you with selecting the fabric based partly on the piece we are building, co-ordinated to other colors and themes of your space.

C)  You can purchase your own material and send it to us as a COM.  We will only accept fabrics sent to us that are equivalent to our sustainability standards, which we will outline to you at that time.

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